My wife's iPhone XR is stuck in DFU mode right now. We just got back from our first family vacation and this phone is only 3 weeks old, all the family pics and vids are on it and Apple says we can only erase everything.

We didn't get a chance to setup the iCloud backup when we got it as we were leaving that day or our vacation, we got back and then the phone was stuck in a boot loop.

I tried power cycling, tried to use iTunes to update, also tried 3rd party software to rollback the firmware but would stop at 70% then get an error.

So at this point, we just want to pull the photos and videos from it if possible before erasing it.

Apple said there's no back door but then handed us a business card of someone who can recover it for the low low prices of $700-1900, fuck that guy.

If you can help, let me know. We've hit a string of bad luck so I'm hoping for some kind of sunshine. My wife suffers from seizures so he memory isn't that great for older memories which is why I am asking for a favor on this.