So, still in the process of deep cleaning my Neo 4 cab. I'm now attempting to swap out the fan in the power supply since it's now not spinning.

Opened up the case and was greeted with this:


Mind you, it still worked prior to me taking it out of my cab. I just really wanted to replace the fan and put it back in.

I've tried just using an air duster to blow all that crap out, but it didn't work. It's caked in there. Might be some old moisture damage, since the side of the cab looked like it got soaked in something, but the particle board on the cab isn't spongy or anything.

Is it worth saving? I'm thinking of just spraying some cleaner and rinsing it clean with water. Stopping short of using a pressure washer, any other ideas to clean out the caked up garbage in there, or should I just break down and invest in a new power supply?