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Thread: 161-in-1 Deleting my saved high scores?

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    161-in-1 Deleting my saved high scores?

    I have an Omega with a VMC.
    I noticed that my high scores were resetting to the default scores and name entries "occasionally," and it was very confusing.

    I have just realized that it seems to be whenever I use the multicart. Is this correct? If this is a known issue, I apologize, but I spent some time searching the forum with no similar issue.

    Also, would anybody have an idea why this might happen, and if there is a simple way to circumvent the issue?

    Obviously, this is resolved by "getting a NeoSD" or "not using a multicart." I use it for a few games, rarely, but I don't have a big problem with just not using it anymore.

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    Yes its because of the multicart.
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    The memory card does not save high scores. Only progress in the game. The MVS only has a few slots it can save scores to. 8 games max I think. So it only saves the most recently played games on it anyways. Throw a multicart into that mix and it becomes even more jacked.

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    8 games is the limit.

    Your multi works fine.

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