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Thread: Finished 1B Board Top Loading Mod

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    Finished 1B Board Top Loading Mod

    So a few months ago I found a PCB board that lets you wire up a 1B board for a top loader position. Tested it out on a board I had and it seems to work great. Thought it would be a fun mess around project.

    I removed the old connectors, took a solder pump to clean out the old connector holes, and then inserted new mounting pins on the board. I had to alternate the pin position to get them to fit neatly but they lined up perfect after that. (see pics)

    After I installed both boards in place and soldered them in place this thing feels SOLID no wobble or looseness at all. If anything I would make an enclosure of some kind but that will have to wait.

    Just wanted to share how this came out. I have a lot of extra of these boards so if anyone wants to try it out just send me a message and I can see if I can get some to you.

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