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Thread: Help with Cps2 desuicide

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    Help with Cps2 desuicide

    I'm trying to revive this Marvel vs Street Fighter (Hispanic version) with no succes, using the Arduino method by Eduardo.

    The board is getting 5.05v, I've re-checked the pinouts and nothing seems wrong.

    I've already revive some boards with conector 9 in them and even one revision 4 orange board without the conector 9, but this Marvel one refuses to work.

    I'm using the keys in the program named
    "mshvsth" but i think maybe my board has a different romset. Here's a picture of my board:

    "mvsh01, 02, 03f, 04f, 05f, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10"

    Can anyone give any advice?
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