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Thread: Weird MVS Monitor Issue

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    Weird MVS Monitor Issue

    Hey Guys,

    I recapped my 4-slot MVS's monitor chassis yesterday (it's a Wells-Gardner K7184) in the hopes it would fix an issue I've had since I got the cabinet, but it still persists.

    Here's what's going on:

    After around 30 minutes or so, the monitor will go dim and screw with the colors. Makes stuff look kinda brown.

    This is before (my phone is messing with the contrast a bit, but it looks better in person):

    This is after:

    Monitor looks good again when the system is turned back on.

    The weird part is, I can seemingly leave the system in attract mode for 30 min+ without anything happening, but then shortly after starting a game the monitor dims like this.

    Any ideas? I'm wondering if it might not be the monitor at all, and some kind of issue with the motherboard itself. Almost like it's overheating.

    Update: I've pulled the board and don't see anything weird. No obvious leakage or anything like that. Are there any components known for causing video issues when they fail?

    Update 2: Problem has been (sort of) fixed. Got a new chassis that works fine. Problem with the old one was likely bad solder joints, so I might still try to fix it later.
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