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Thread: AES 3-4 Intermittent Sound Issues

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    icon19.gif AES 3-4 Intermittent Sound Issues

    Hey Folks,

    I have an AES 3-4 that is slightly puzzling me.

    It's had intermittent issues with sound since I bought it a few years ago. Initially most of the time the console would boot without sound but after a few restarts/resets it would boot with sound and work for the rest of the day with no issues even if I swap carts. Rarely the sound would work but fade away after 20-30 minutes.

    6-9 months ago I installed a Unibios on it and right after the installation the console booted with sound and work perfectly for a number of months.

    Recently during game night with a mate, the problem re-occurred and sound wouldn't work at all until the last game when I reset the console and the sound came back... the console had been running for 3-4 hours by then.

    I tried 6-7 different carts and problem occurs with all of them.

    Again tonight I wanted to play a little and it's only after a few hours that the sound worked as if by magic.

    Tonight I tried to do a bit of diagnostic, Unibios tells me in the Jukebox player "error starting sound". Without a cart I get a white screen. Neo diagnostic tells me I have a Z80 error comm issue...

    At the moment I have KOF94 running perfectly for the past 30 minutes with sound and I can play no problem.

    I suspect a capacitor issue since I get sound when the console is warm but that's really my candid view and the caps on the board don't look too bad, at least no visible leaks.

    Any thoughts?
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    Time for a recap.

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    Yeah, you can't tell by visual inspection if a cap is bad. Just because it's not bulging and leaking doesn't mean that it's still doing its job.

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