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Thread: Modded Xbox (2001) and issues with ISO files

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    Modded Xbox (2001) and issues with ISO files

    Friends, I am having an issue that has been perplexing me for over a year, and I finally have given up. I will try to articulate it as best as I can however.

    I am having "issues" trying to figure out how to transfer ISO files from my PC to the Xbox via FTP. It seems like a simple thing, and I know for sure 100% that I had done this 8+ years ago to load up the 250gb hard drive I installed. However, last spring, my back-up hard drive shit the bed, and it was all of the tools that I had used 8 years earlier to mod the Xbox, all of my notes on the process and all of the extra software for various things including the image file of the unmolested factory 8gb hdd.

    Fast forward to right now. I Have a few ISO images of games. These games are larger than a standard DVD, which tells me that they are Dual layer DVDs. However, my system's CD drive is basically worthless. I can't burn a disc, and expect to be able to copy it to the HDD.

    The internet is useless to a certain degree, as the Xbox modding "scene" has become much larger on the 360 & now thing new thing called the Xbox One. Finding good info on the 2001 units is watered down with info on the newer generations of systems.

    My goal simply is to Transfer an ISO via FTP to the Xbox, however the ISO needs to be changed or altered to the files and formats that the Xbox can read on its F drive. I can't for the life of me figure out how I would do this. Another variable is that I don't know if the ISOs I have gotten are working, but I am fairly certain they are. Should I/Can I post a link to the places that I found these? Would that even help?

    I am using the UnleashX dashboard, and have XBMC installed as a launchable app. I don't have any issue transferring appropriate files for the various emulators etc that I keep on the system. I just can't figure out how to get an ISO from the Image file to the appropriate file structure that the xbox recognizes.

    I hope this is enough info that someone can point me in the right direction. If I had to take a guess, it has been 7+ years since I did this last and I might as well know nothing at this juncture. Any suggestions and pointers would be great.

    Thanks again all

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