So way back I had a Naomi in a quest to play some CVS2 in my cab, but I had many problems with a GD Rom at the time, ended up selling everything sans the actual game.

Flash forward to now and Im ready to start my Naomi journey anew. Im waiting on a recapped Naomi 2, a DIMM board, SCSI cable and a GD-Rom thats been refurbished with a new laser and gone through. This will be going into a dedicated JVS cabinet.

My questions are fairly simple, what extra wires and power supply(ies) will I need to get this monstrosity up and running?

I read somewhere that the Naomi 2 has different power requirements than the Naomi 1? Or that it can supply power to the GD-Rom itself or something? Im a complete Naomi 2 noob, and its been forever since I messed with a Naomi 1.

Any help or advice is appreciated!

Thanks =]