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Thread: Snes scrambled graphics HELP!!

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    Snes scrambled graphics HELP!!

    Hey guys.. I need help. Bought a used snes in box.. original al I believe in pretty great shape.. barely used on Ebay and local pick up.

    Nice guy met locally for pickup a mile from my house.

    Controllers feel brand new.. system looks barely used.. bottom has turn brown of course!

    Anyways.. I quickly went and bought up 7 more games at a disk replay. And out of all 8 (-suoer mario included in bundle with system) only 3 play fine.

    Killer instinct.. flawless of course..
    Super mario world that came bundled with the system box.. nothing but blocks of colors.
    Tetris 2.. works after cleaning.
    Super metroid- opening seems fine but once the game starts tarts theres odd sprites/boxes of randomness.. character has not upper half. Only legs
    Super street fighter- sometimes is fine most of the time pixle mess.
    Super Mario all stars. Opening works.. once you start one of the games it's a pixle mess as well.
    Vegas stakes.. works totally fine.

    I've spent all last night cleaning carts.. trying to get everything working right.

    Today I went back to disk replay and had them test the game I had issues with.. some played fine right away on there clone aystem.. a few needed more love with a qtip and alcohol. But in the end they all played perfectly.
    The same day I find tools to open up the system at menards.. lucky days.

    Open it up and really dont see anything wrong. Pull the pin connector and hit the board connector with contact cleaner and toothbrush and also with the punconnector.. even though it looked perfect.

    Hoping for the best and the same!

    So then I go back to disk replay and desperately buy a new u overall psu for the snes..

    I noticed the original psu for the snes is running at 13 5volts.. the psu shows its rated for I was hoping that was it.

    Tested with the new power pack and its rated for 9 volts. It's even worse the. The original. Scrambled pixels at start of most games!

    Yes its is an original system in box and conplete.. seller said barely used and I believe him on that

    Seller is in his 50s and met him.

    Basicly as its stands I'm out $124 for it.

    If the system is tossed I'm left with a box and extras minus system. :/

    Was a bitxh to open and I can guaranty I was the first to open with how tight those screws were.

    Figuring theres a bad chip as killer instinct works great.. uses the fx chip? So the normal 2d chip is a goner?

    What to do.

    Know of any good resorces.. forums.. a guy to possibly fix it?
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    Post some board pics and let's see if there's some damage you're missing. The original PSU is always going to read high when there's nothing attached to it, but in use its much closer to the 10v target.

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    why did you post this twice?

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    Didnt know at the time there was a general tech support forum and thought this one might be a better spot for it.
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    Its prolly the ram also your saying it got worse with a different psu worst case the system has under volt damage but that ones a guess

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    purchase a beat system for cheap and use it for parts(swap the insides) or sell the one you have for parts...keep all the extras,etc and just ditch the console or again,swap the internals if the shell is really nice and you want to keep it..
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    Just clean your carts and system pins
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    Quote Originally Posted by ggallegos1 View Post
    Just clean your carts and system pins
    What he said. Also some pictures would help. not much advice we can give just going off your story.
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    Since the games boot, it means the system is reading the games properly but fail to render it as instructed. This is probably an issue with the ppu and/or vram. If you have a flash cart, trying running one of the test carts and focus specifically on the tests that involve the graphics.

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