Hi All. I recently bought an MV1C from eBay. I had it up and running with a jamma harness and video out through Helder's RGB to Component board (based on Ace's design). While playing KOF98 (actual cart), the screen started showing artifacts and then finally failed to the typical Video Ram Error:

After doing some research, it sounds like this is my slow ram (5 or 6) so I ordered the ram and hopefully this fixes the problem. The real confusion I'm having now though is while testing the board for continuity, I noticed the GND and +5v shows continuity. Is this normal for this board? Note, nothing is connected while I tested this. The board itself doesn't show any signs of bad/bridged traces from what I've inspected. Another odd thing about this board is the sync line doesn't work properly with the RGB to Component circuit through the sync separate LM1881 chip like it should. The picture was b/w and jumpy until I moved the sync to the green line out prior to the 220 uF cap and 75k resistor. I'm really just trying to make sure that if the new ram fixes the problem that I don't end up frying it again if indeed it was a grounding or voltage issue. Anyway, thanks in advance for the help.