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Thread: The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

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    I think its easier to them to "rent" Arc System for the job...and I think anime style can fit perfectly into Fatal Fury or KOF characters.

    IŽd kill for a Capcom vs Snk 3 pixel stlye...but Im OK with ARc system style...mainly because Capcom and Snk dont have any pixel artist anymore, honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k'_127 View Post
    I would be ok with Samurai's graphics, but if they manage to replicate 2D graphics well like Guilty Gear did, I hope they aim for a style that is closer to SF3 / MotW instead of the anime look.
    If they went that route id be fine with it as well if it was akin to the SF3/MOTW style of graphics.
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    Something tells me and it's just a hunch but I think they'll continue being 3D from now on.


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