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Thread: Free McBoot Questions about file transfers between PC and PS2 HDD

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    Free McBoot Questions about file transfers between PC and PS2 HDD

    I actually have several questions. I currently have the most recent Free McBoot running, and was ripping my PS2 games directly and noticed that it is VERY finicky about actually completing the rip.

    So... I decided that I want to just transfer my .iso sets to the hard drive using WinHIIP.

    I decided I am ditching the old IDE hard drive, and going with a modern solution using a SD to IDE adapter.

    Problem is I am not sure exactly how to do this using WinHIIP. So here are my questions.

    1. Do I first format my hard drive, inside the PS2 with Free McBoot, then connect to PC and transfer my files?

    2. All my files are named in I assume catalog format. For example, "SLUS01345.iso". Can I rename this file, for example, "VictoriousBoxers.iso", or should I just make a Victorious Boxers folder, and place the catalog named file in there?

    3. Finally, where exactly do the .iso files go on the hard drive? In the root? In a folder named after the game, in the root? Do I need a ROMs folder??

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    I used a SATA adapter to do mine with a SATA HDD.

    1.I had WinHIIP format the drive first and then I loaded it to the PS2.

    2. WinHIIP allows you to rename files and this is actually necessary if you have several games that start with the same words.

    3. Again, WinHIIP does all the work for you. It loaded all my isos the the HDD. I don't recall manually formatting or creating folders.

    Hope this helps. For me it was simple and smooth.

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    I posted this on Shmups the other week:

    I followed the below tutorial. I honestly just didn't want to be bothered with having to buy a FreeMcBoot memory card, having to leave it plugged in, or having to find out how to make the HDD boot up with FMB instead. This basically shows you how to format the HDD, then you put a HDD image right onto it which has FMB and ALL the programs you would ever want to run on your PS2 to do pretty much anything. I used their older image but it looks like they updated it recently:


    You then use WinHIIP like Darklighterx said to transfer over games.

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