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Thread: Beharbros CMVS Ultra

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    Quote Originally Posted by gusmoney View Post
    Where did those enclosures come from because all of a sudden everyone seems to have em?
    Fight stick is making them, the Behar bros one is a modified version with breakouts on the back and controller ports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyo View Post
    My favorite CMVS enclosure was the old one JNX used to use until it was discontinued. James' current one is also nice and clean. Certainly preferable to this metal one, regardless of cost.
    No question about it. I'd take it a step further and say anything James does with his CMVS' is better than the competition, not just the encasing.

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    We recently changed our supplier and upgraded our cables, it has custom molded connector. It's bendable and unbreakable. Old units can be upgraded for this new cable by removing the connector.
    For the Garo, we can only refund when it's returned just like other products. We have sold thousands of units, it even works with cheapest hdmi converters and pc monitors. If you have issues you can return it or use it with a compatible device/monitor.

    This enclosure is manufactured from scratch by our partner TRFightstick, it's all custom, handmade in Istanbul. We designed it together.
    People on the other forums know well how much quality their products are.
    We use high quality auto paint. We wanted to give our CMVS a Hi-Fi equipment like look. Overall it has the best possible video output you can get.
    Analogue units have an obsolete BA7238 component encoder, imho it has a poor output. We are emphasizing on the build quality and video output.
    So we are not offering a customized sattelite set top box.
    James is my friend and we collaborated in the past, I've learnt many things from him.
    This is just a fun project to celebrate our 6th anniversary. It will be a limited edition.
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