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    NeoSD Pro CD support thread

    Thanks to the awesome work of TerraOnion and Razoola, the NeoSD Pro can now play CD games.

    Here is the current list of supported games

    2020 Super Baseball
    ADK World
    Alpha Mission 2
    Art of Fighting
    Art of Fighting 2
    Blues Journey
    Baseball Stars 2
    Burning Fight
    CD Special 
    Crossed Swords
    Crossed Swords 2
    Football Frenzy
    Final Romance 2
    Ghost Pilots
    Janshin Densetsu: Quest of Jongmaster
    King of Fighters 96 Collection
    Last Blade
    Last Blade 2
    League Bowling
    Last Resort
    Magician Lord
    Mahjong Retsu
    Master of Syougi
    Metal Slug
    Metal Slug 2
    Mutation Nation
    Nam 1975
    Neo Turf Masters
    Ninja Combat
    Ninja Commando
    Puzzle Bobble
    Power Spikes 2
    Rally Chase
    Riding Hero
    Samurai Shodown
    Samurai Shodown 2
    Samurai Shodown 3 
    Samurai Shodown 4
    Samurai Shodown RPG
    Soccer Brawl
    Super Sidekicks
    Super Spy
    World Heroes
    TerraOnion has stated they plan to support all games ultimately.

    To play CD games

    1. update your firmware to the latest, at least 1.07 r08
    2. download the .neo files pack from the download center in your account at
    3. add all the .neo files onto your SD card, just like normal .neo files
    4. Create a folder on the SD card with the same root name as the .neo, for example to play Neo Turfmasters, create a folder named "turfmastcd".
    5. Stick the CD files in that folder. bin/cue/ccd/img style ISOs work best, as that is what Razoola primarily tested.

    I have had mixed success with bin/cue/wav style ISOs. Sometimes they work fine, sometimes they have audio blips, and other times they have no audio at all.
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