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Thread: Looking for a custom chip without much luck

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    Looking for a custom chip without much luck

    Hey. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    So had a couple of broken MV1FZs in a crate for a while and finally got round to get them running.

    Board one, fixed and working well (with a little help from Chris/GadgetUK.

    Board 2 has damage to the LSPC2-A2 / 9308E45 chip from GU2. Looks like the pins have taken a smashing and it was beyond repair.

    Anyway, taken the chip off and cleaned it all up but can't find a replacement anywhere. Is it a case of just finding a donor board with a working chip?

    I'm not sure that's the only problem with it but I guess it certainly won't go without it!

    Any advice appreciated,



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    You will need to find a donor board.

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    I have a for parts MV1FZ board. I'll give to you for shipping price.

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