Today I was play testing some games I got in a "lot" recently when the game screen cut off to black with some lines off to the side I believe when suddenly I heard what sounded like Electrical Arcing. I quick opened the coin door and shut off the Cab (A Neo 4slot cab running a 6slot board)

There was a light smell of burning to be expected

after a few minutes I unplugged the Cab and started to unhook the 6 slot it on visual inspection seems fine. I now have the Cabinet turned around and remove the top board, I can see the monitor no burn marks but there is a ground wire thats joined to a second grounding wire that just was hanging loose with the screw and a single nut still attached near the rear of the monitor

im thinking maybe it was double nutted to the frame and came off but Im not sure.

Any suggestions before i attempt to turn it back on (no MVS board) and see whats happening back there? would love any ideas Thanks