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    Color separation

    I've got a rev1 mvs-4-25 that I think has the original monitor installed. I'm not positive on that, but given the shape of the cabinet when I received it, I'm pretty sure it was all original. One of these days, I'll have to get around to the back and check. Anywho, I've noticed over the years that in the top-left corner, I've got a small amount of color separation. For example, on the white cross hatch, I can see separate lines of color for the very top-left-most corner. It is most noticeable on text.. and I can easily see the blue separating from the rest.

    What causes that? Is it fixable? If so, how?

    Thanks for the info/help!

    Edit: It looks to be a Zenith tube in a WG K7000 (or compatible) chassis. Either this (same ICs) or this (Zenith-made K7000?).

    Edit: Here's an example of the separation:
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