I tried to make one today using the MMmonkey tutorial: http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/nes-to-pc-...ontroller-mod/

Result - it does not work. I double / triple checked my connections both on the DB15 and Mini-DIN cable side and all connections are fine.

My impression is that the MMmonkey schematic is missing some key components - most likely some pull up resistors. I am not concerned about the auto fire capability, just the standard two button pad.

Any ideas / links to proper PCB schematics? The ones found in the usual places are all pretty shitty - missing components, no values for resistors etc.

I done a pad hack for PCE some time ago and that worked perfect, but with current PCE pad prices / availability I do not really want to go don the road of buying / sacrificing an original PCE pad. All that is really required is a proper schematic for the 2 button pad, showing all the components and their respective values.

Any help would be appreciated.