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Thread: 161 in 1 MVS Cart Resetting / Glitching My Board?

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    161 in 1 MVS Cart Resetting / Glitching My Board?

    I ordered the notoriously-poorly-QA'ed 161-in-1 MVS cart from AliExpress and it seems to have an number of issues: While some games will boot and run fine (Thrash Rally, Neo Bomberman, Neo Mr Do!), most don't start at all or boot with glitched graphics then reset.

    I've taken a partial refund, so I'm wondering if I could fix this. Anyone else know of similar problems?

    I've tried a few things:

    • Reseating the cart in the MVS / cart shell.
    • Looking for bridged pins with a loupe.
    • Checked caps (only with a multimeter, not an ESR test).
    • Adding a 100uF cap to the regulator output.
    • Taped down the ROMs in case of bad BGA soldering.

    It's worth noting that this revision of the board (v3?) has the bridged pins on the PCB, so the 161 in 1 stability fix thread isn't needed.

    I suspect one of three things may be wrong: Power, ROMs or my MVS.

    What's interesting is that the fault is somewhat intermittent. E.g. sometimes Neo Turf Masters loads to a black screen, other times to grabbled colors. Sometimes I can get a couple minutes of play on Neo Drift Out! while other times it resets on coin drop.

    Any thoughts on what I should try next?

    As a note: My MVS (MV-1A) has GA11 NEO-BUF bypassed like this: As this buffer is for the data bus could it be the problem? The board works fine with a legit Metal Slug 2 (only other cart I own).

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Sounds most likely it's just corrupted ROMs. Though it wouldn't hurt to check the output voltage for your 5v and 3.3v rails. The earlier version sends 4.2v to the audio CPLD which I've always found puzzling. But it sounds like you have a later version anyway.

    From what I've read these use repurposed and reprogramed ROMs so there's not much you can do to fix that until someone figures out the way to program them.
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