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Thread: Has anyone ever bothered checking out the music for SNES FF Special and AOF2?

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    Has anyone ever bothered checking out the music for SNES FF Special and AOF2?

    There are some interesting renditions of the neo music in these titles. In general they are tinnier and lower quality and use different samples, but in some cases, they sound like something totally different, or else have additional parts to them that aren't even in the neo original music.

    For example, here's Geese's theme from SNES FFS. It mostly sounds like a poor quality rendition of the neo original, and then starting around 1:11, it jumps to this completely different melody that isn't even in the neo version of the song.

    Here's Krauser SNES FFS theme. It's at a way lower pitch and a slower tempo. As a result, I think it feels a lot heavier and more menacing due to the lower pitches used. Growing up I was familiar with this rendition of the song before hearing the neo original. I was kind of let down by the neo song as I expected it to be similarly menacing.

    Here's King's SNES AOF 2 theme. It's so low pitched and menacing, it barely seems to share any DNA with the neo original. I like both the original and this rendition.

    I'm not as familiar with the originals for other music in these games to know if there's anything interesting. I also haven't spent much time with SNES samurai shodown, AOF 1 or other neo ports to know if those games might have some interesting differences beyond simply sounding tinnier and crummier, but wanted to make this thread with the handful of observations I had.

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    I have praised Tung Fue Rue's FFS SNES in the past


    Let's not forget SNES AOF1

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    they suck badly. specially Big Bear stage.

    It s horrendous.

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