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    I trace repaired an NEO-AES(1st generation model,no daughter board) a little while ago and everything was working but I had to fiddle around with the cartridges too much to get them functioning properly so I replaced the cartridge slots(waited a couple of weeks from ali babba) and everything I throw at it works perfectly including MVS-AES converter with the exception of the NEO AES SD which only works on random power ups or when I press on certain areas around the work ram pathway.WITHOUT the SD card inserted into the side of the NEO AES SD it works fine on every power up.

    My thinking is that there is a voltage issue affecting the work ram.
    I've changed out the 5v barrel,the power transistor,a resistor and a couple of capacitors along the voltage pathway,power switch,the 68k(now added a socket),the B0 chip,work ram,video ram,a couple of Ls05's,Hc259,some HCT chips associated with the work ram & B0 chips only to have it yield the same results.

    Any ideas would be appreciated...
    Again Everything works that I throw at it with the exception being that SD card inserted into the NEO AES SD.The voltage drops under 4.8 and the unit just hangs like it would on any aes not getting enough power to boot the game and the reset button will not respond forcing me to power it off.
    This is just a problem specific to this particular system. I have another AES,same model that works fine with and without the SD card inserted into the NEO AES SD.
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