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Thread: Running +12v from JAMMA fingerboard to Hyper Ng 64 - help me decide

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    Running +12v from JAMMA fingerboard to Hyper Ng 64 - help me decide

    Iím not sure how I want to proceed with running two +12v lines from my fingerboard to my Beast Busters 64 pcb, so letís group chat and figure it out!

    I need to run four +5v lines and two +12v lines from the through holes on my fingerboard to the BB64 pcb (per neoturfmastas tutorial)

    As you can see in the photos, I have four through holes available for the +5v lines, but with the +12v line I have one large gauge through hole (18 AWG) that connects to both the parts and solder side of the fingerboard, and then two 22 AWG through holes for separate +12v lines.

    I do not feel like running two 12v lines on 22 AWG wire is smart. So I was thinking

    A - solder one 18 AWG wire into the large through hole, and split that wire out at the end into two 18 AWG wires. Not optimal but better than 22 AWG

    B - run one 18 AWG wire from the through hole, and solder another 18 AWG wire onto the JAMMA pad on the solder side, giving me two full 18 AWG wires.

    Thoughts? Iím not sure why this fingerboard didnít provide two 18 AWG through holes for the 12v lines like they did the 5v lines

    I just donít want to melt leads on this one


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    I say split them. It's not optimal like you said but I think it'll keep everything looking neater when you do a good job

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