Hello everrybody, I'm scanning all the issues of Neo Geo Freak and Gamest (Arcadia will come at a later time). They can be found here: https://archive.org/details/@japanes...rt=titleSorter
You can look at the online preview, download the pdf or the comic book zip that contains the uncompressed scans.

Also if you want to stay updated you can follow my twitter account https://twitter.com/JapaneseMagScan

I tweet about each upload and some interesting stuff from the magazine themselves, you can find some Warlocks of the Fates and Last Odyssey preview so far.
For example in NGF#3 you can see a Metal Slug 1 Prototype https://twitter.com/JapaneseMagScan/...16214312685568
Some differences I spotted:
  • No Marco/Tarma, only the Metal Slug is seen
  • Energy bar at the top
  • 1995 Copyright in the title screen, final release is 1996
  • Brown Metal Slug

I also have a Patreon campaign running https://www.patreon.com/japanese_mag..._scans_project
It's just a way to say thank if you appreciate the project since I'm never going to make any substantial income out of it considering how much these full collections costed me.

Finally, the Neo Geo Freak issue 3 I scanned contains an easter egg that will get a good laugh out of the old-timers of this forum