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Thread: I'm scanning my collection of Neo Geo Freak and Gamest magazines

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    Very nice, much appreciated!

    .:. El riesgo siempre vive .:.

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    Many thanks to OP. I'm seeing more getting scanned and uploaded, although slowly.

    Looking forward to Issue(s) 8-20, those will be the best (games released in 1996-1997).

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincewy View Post
    Many thanks to OP. I'm seeing more getting scanned and uploaded, although slowly.

    Looking forward to Issue(s) 8-20, those will be the best (games released in 1996-1997).
    Feel free to donate to his patreon, money is quite the motivator.
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    yeah, I'll likely increase my patreon donation soon, he's doing a great job!

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    Doing the arcade lords work on these scans! Thanks!

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    Great Job
    Its the beginning of an unforgettable event

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    Wow that's insanely cool. What a great service to the community.

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    Video Game Animation Study recently did a video on Metal Slug 001's animation. Knowing that it was the original main character, it makes sense the animation was so good (even relative to other already beautiful artwork in the game). I spoke with a buddy about this, and he thought it would have been cool if you were the tank, but after you got your armor busted you'd just out as a guy - a la Speed Rumbler, Blaster Master, Boogie Wings, etc.

    I'm curious to revisit Slug and see what ideas may have been added after the decision was made to play as a human instead of a tank - how that changed the level design. Even decisions like whether to have diagonal shooting may have been influenced by whatever feeling they were anchored to with the original tank game.

    ^Would be an awesome proto to unearth.

    The aforementioned animation video:

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    Thank you for digitally preserving Gamest and helping an important piece of arcade gaming history from being lost to time. Do you have Gamest issues that feature in-depth coverage of Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) 1 & 2? I'd love to see the coverage Gamest gave those games when they launched. I used to have a Gamest issue with Kyo and Iori on a black background that I think had lots of nice pics of Garou Densetsu 3 with even a mini magazine inside with even more coverage of GD3. Do you know about this one?
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