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Thread: Need help with MKII sound issue.

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    Need help with MKII sound issue.

    I've scoured the internet and read a ton about this so I know this stuff has been discussed. I may have glossed over the answer but I'm still clueless. So I'm making a new post with exactly what I'm experiencing and what I've done thus far. I'm still green to this stuff and get easily confused like a retard. And I'm not sure that the issue is just the sound board at this point.

    The problem(s)
    No sound.
    Whenever I reboot the system I get the CMOS INVALID error screen accompanied by 10 tones.
    When I run a sound board test I get the SOUND IRQ NOT DETECTED
    Upon every reboot any settings I've changed revert back to factory.

    What I've done.

    Replaced the battery.
    Replaced the power supply
    Tested the LED (which does not light up ever) on the sound board and it gets 5.03 volts

    I got this cabinet for $350 locally so I figured any fix would be worth the effort.

    If it's just the sound board I'd be willing to buy a new one and attempt to repair the one I have just for the experience but the setting reset tells me it's not that simple.

    Any help would be appreciated.Screenshot_20190422-234044_Gallery.jpg
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