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Thread: Athena Asamiya inspired by Saki Asamiya ( Sukeban Deka )

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    Lightbulb Athena Asamiya inspired by Saki Asamiya ( Sukeban Deka )

    well there are similarities.

    I think the creators of Psycho Soldier had influences from Sukeban Deka

    while Saki Asamiya wields a yo yo, that in itself could been an influence that led to the invention of Athena Asamiya's psycho ball signature move

    so there's more similarities besides the school girl uniform

    also Psycho Soldier debuted in 1986

    Sukeban Deka manga debuted in 1976, first TV series debuted in 1985 (1 year before Psycho Soldier!)

    also the first Sukeban Deka movie was released in 1987,
    so I think it was actually the 1985 television series (that appeared in April 11, 1985) that first inspired the invention of Athena Asamiya (though of course there must of been other inspirations from elsewhere too). the first movie has a guy that Saki meets, that could actually been partial inspiration from Kensou, or maybe the other way around, I haven't read the manga, so not sure if the movie is based on the manga/tv series, or its own reboot of the plot.

    oh wait, just read the first movie actually takes place after the 2nd TV series, so its like a direct sequel. if ya'll care to research and watch Sukeban Deka, I recommend doing so without spoilers, the first movie is 10/10 AMAZING and a classic masterpiece that even Athena Asamiya/Psycho Soldier fans could find some similarities and inspiration, even despite the series not being about magical warriors fighting otherworldly monsters.

    it is a nice example how creations can lead to new creations that are similiar and different. and the Saki Asamiya and Athena Asamiya names I feel are no coincedence. though if someone has SNK interviews of the devs that created Psycho Soldier, perhaps they might reference Sukeban Deka, though in a lot of cases, some creators don't unveil all their inspirations outright.
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