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Thread: Clarification on Hyper64 Sound over Jamma

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    Clarification on Hyper64 Sound over Jamma

    It has been a LONG time since I broke out my Hyper64 systems... I wanted to show them to my son and... Of course, no sound. I read as many posts on here as I could find, and the general consensus is you don't get sound over Jamma (without the mod).

    I'm pretty sure I have a Rev 1 board (B1, FF:WA, and SS64 all work) with the two molex connectors and black volume knob. I'm hooking it up to a Neo Geo JP Candy machine (and a mini, same in both).

    The interesting thing is... I do get sound, but it's INCREDIBLY low volume. The black knob (and the random blue pot next to the Jamma connector) do nothing.

    Any ideas why this is? Am I misunderstanding and there's something I can/should do to get sound over Jamma without the mod?

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    Try this thread

    Looks like the Revision 1's speaker output is via the amp connector.

    I had a Rev 2 board and it made life very easy for connecting to the jamma standard. It doesn't surprise me you get some sound though as the jamma pinout for the rev 1 does list mono output. Best bet is to do the modification or wire correctly to the amp connector.


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