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Thread: Sega advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthAmericaNeo View Post
    The Dreamcast is really very good system. I need more games for mine.
    In Chile right now, can confirm it was just released here as the newest high tech system.


    In all seriousness PS4 is boss here. I've seen some switches, but almost no mention of the XB1. It's like it doesn't exist.

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    Perhaps the Xbox One is a hoax.
    Quote Originally Posted by MKL View Post
    The doll fucker is a case in point: can you imagine someone like that in Italy? I find it easier to imagine a gay unicorn doing cartwheels in my living room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fakeXsound View Post
    Gay? I think not! The 1999 conversion story happened in the middle school boys' locker room, the epitome of masculinity.

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