I am about ready to throw the fucking thing through a wall

Here's the story. Purchase Elgato HD 60 S, works fine...when it wants to.

Turn PC on today, capture a 30 minute video of Dreamcast gameplay. Signal acquired, video shows up in capture software.

Turn Dreamcast off, change game. Turn Elgato software back on....

and fuck you...no image for you.

Signal is found fine, reports as 1080p60 (going through Framemeister)

restart computer, shut down computer, change USB ports, cut a chicken and drip its blood on the keyboard...nothing.

If I try tomorrow...might work!

Basically, the Elgato just decided when and where it is going to show video. It will ALWAYS acquire the signal, but it'll just show a black screen. Maybe 1 out of 10 attempts I will actually get audio and video.

I am close to just buying a different brand of capture card at this point in time but damn it these things aren't cheap.

Google has been no help.

Does anyone have ANY idea?