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Thread: Neo Geo Consolized MVS1FS Power Supply/Video Interference

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    Finally got a chance to do this right:

    -different PSU's
    -OSSC settings

    Then I pulled out the JROK encoder and bypassed it with the MS Paint Diagram above and bam. Perfect across all tv's in the house.

    Using the color bar test, I find it a bit tricky to get it just right with the 1K pots. I'm wondering if using smaller value pots might make this a bit easier? (like around 500?)

    I figure once I get it dead on, I will just swap out the pots with resistors with the same so I can consolize this MVS without having pots sticking out the side. - once I get the values right for this board, should it be okay across all TV's? (maybe its better to keep the pots)

    I'm really glad this is all resolved. Thanks to everyone for their help and explanations.

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    The smaller the pot value the more turn it needs to see results so it's easier to fine tune, you should be fine with 250-500ohm but around 125-150ohm resistors should be good.

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