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Thread: Knights Chance - MVS cart

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    Knights Chance - MVS cart


    I've been looking for this game for a long time, was wondering is there anyway to purchase this game on MVS cart anywhere? just the MVS cart version by itself.

    Anyone know if the creator will make anymore MVS carts as I really wanted to play this and currently there is no way to do so because its not on any other platform other than Neogeo. I like the look of it, the music and the visual style of the game. its just a shame no one really got to play it...

    Or is the possibility of that happening less likely than the second coming of Christ? Is the game lost forever, gathering dust on the shelves of collectors? Either way I would love to try this game out before I die of either an illness or of old age.
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    You're probably never going to find a loose cart and the game won't be reprinted. Kits pop up for sale once in a while though.
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    It's probably best to get your name on the waiting list for the next release.

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