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Thread: Dear Members... New Members.. Lurkers... People who are trying to Register... etc etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidchameleon1 View Post
    I'm so awesome because I love SNK more than anyone else so everybody FUCK off. I have some piece of hardware/software that very few other people have so I am the king of the world aka FUCK off everybody. I own original hardware that makes me special, the most special person on the Internet's so you can all just FUCK off. I think I am better than everybody else because <insert retarded reason> so I am going to act like I am better than everybody else (in reality I am a fat, smelly, neck-bearded, high IQ, virgin & lonely guy who lives in his moms basement. Being a dick to people on the Internet who happen to share the same interests as myself and should really be welcomed into my life... makes me feel normal temporarily)

    To conclude, I am more awesome than you because I like a video-game company more than you (and have more knowledge thereof, and a bigger collection thereof) so FUCK OFF!!!

    Iím not fat though...


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    Hello Neo-Geo Fans!

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