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Thread: encoding a video to work on .neo format for the neosd

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    encoding a video to work on .neo format for the neosd

    It would be nice to encode mp3 or even mp4 to work on neosd, even with the same resolution as it was in double dragon intro.

    So, anybody searched this before? I've found before some Disney series intros working on Neo-Geo (tic-tac rescue rangers, and others), but it's been a while, and i forgot where i found this, and haven't backed them up, so I lost them.

    But, still, do anybody know how this has been done by the guy? It would be nice if we could do the same with other movies, a short movie like a cartoon for example, no need to put entire movies on that format, because it could never be read on NeoSD, coz' of memory capabilities.

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    Pretty sure the neo can't decode anything related to mpeg encoding quick enough, certainly not video.

    You'd likely have to settle on some kind of combination of low rate pcm audio, and the images ... pft... likely seperated sprites if full screen and high quality? /// otherwise perhaps something like a per frame sequence ... maybe at 15fps - something you could make be acceptable with cartoon like animation ...

    Anything else actually fmv-video-like would have to be some low res/low rate custom job... couldn't see it being worthwhile...

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    The double dragon video is just a bunch of frames put in sequence to animate like any sprite. You’d have to do that for every frame, it would become a huge waste of time

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    Actually the NeoGeo "movie" intros are done using streams. HPMAN has written code to use streams in DATlib a few months ago. You can use Synfig to create a video and export it to a stream. Palettes have to be considered because of bank switching and palette count. I believe video length was achieved by bank switching to a new

    The thread is here: link
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