Outzone - I know all the later companies that the Toaplan guys went to, but NOTHING else feels like an OG Toaplan game. Of those, this one is my favorite. I adore the background art and all the enemy designs. Music is perfect, and gameplay is completely dialed in. You donít feel like you got lucky or robbed.

R-Type - itís pretty strict memorization but it does so much so well. Enemy designs, utilizing your weapons/bit at the right time, and it was the first shooter I really remember getting into at the arcade.

Progear - Canít put it better than Mike, perfect game.

ESP rade - So much good can be said of this game but the one thing Iíll touch on that doesnít get said enough. Flow. The way the scoring is set up and truly brilliant level design make this the smoothest shooter out there. DDP is the only other game I feel has has flow this good and also probably due to the scoring technique/level design.