This FAQ is a helpful guide to how the forum works. UPDATED 10th July 2018.

OK Lads and Lassies, you've just recently joined or are a member who needs some sort of refresher on how things work.

Let's Start.

1. is a private site with it's own user base. The members here range from "The people who just want an easy life" to "The mildly psychotic and damn right rude". You will have to get use to that. So don't get all surprised if someone calls you silly names or decides to beat on you.

2. If you are a new/low post count ratio member etc etc. Heading straight to the market place without any contributions to the main site will inevitably lead to confrontation with the regular members. Bear this in mind before you go in there.

3. There is a SEARCH Feature, Top right on the forum page. I'd suggest you use it as it can prove helpful in stopping people beating on you due to having the same questions posed over and over again.

1. The Forum Moderators generally let things slide. The Forum Mods usually do NOT advertise themselves as Mods and so you better find out who these people are.

2. There is usually a Mod onsite at all times. SOME of these guys can be grumpy, mildly aggressive and slightly barmy. It would be highly adviseable to make a mental note of the ones to avoid.

1. There is an Official chat room. It can be highly useful and offers real-time chat and support, depending on who is in there.

2. The current guys in charge of that will be highlighted as ADMIN. You will find that they know how chat works.

LAST NOTE, It's not ALL bad lads and lassies. is one of the Oldest, BEST websites for:
Technical Help.
General Funstering.
Market Place.

Our member base includes some of the best guys around the Gaming scene.

HOWEVER, If you find it isn't for you. You will find a logout button TOP RIGHT.


PS. I may add to this at any time. You may request additions to the FAQ in THIS THREAD!