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Thread: To sign or not to sign?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madman View Post
    It's funny you stalked my market feedback and think I sell VGA graded games
    The way you price them, who can tell the difference?

    Quote Originally Posted by swlovinist View Post
    And this is why I don't post here more often. Some truly terrible posts here.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheSegaDude View Post
    There's a reason why I don't post much here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FilthyRear View Post
    The way you price them, who can tell the difference?
    You are hereby banned from my future sales threads.

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    Anyways yeah sure I think that'd be cool to get someone who worked on the game to sign it. Don't see why not. Every now and then I'll wonder what those legends are up to nowadays.

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