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Thread: 64 Bit Shodown: Mario Kart 64 vs Diddy Kong Racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneSage View Post
    Drake Lake. You?
    Hell yes! Back in the day I remember being blown away by the beauty of that level.
    Obviously clouded by nostalgia. Great memories though.

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    Drake Lake is legit, my dude.

    Wave Race 64 is weird. It's not a kart racing game. You have to pass by buoys for whatever reason. The characters aren't people you care about (except the fat guy, everyone played as the fat guy right). It took a while for me to appreciate the game for what it was. And yet here I am, and I still have good memories of this game and remember the Drake Lake level.

    Wave Race Blue Storm came out and for all the talk of its wave physics and other jibbajaba no one knows wtf they're talking about that game was bad.

    I have to stop posting here.

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    No love for Excitebike 64? It's better than all that faggy karting shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneSage View Post
    You want to make some thread about faggy kart racers on a 64-bit machine, guess what, don't post it in the HyPER FORUM
    Faggy 64 Kart Racers > Entire Hyper 64 Library.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoneSage View Post
    I am shaking
    Repeated instances of warts can be a sign of a weakened immune system. Seek medical help from a 1st world country.

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