Hey yall,

I recently picked up a PVM 2530 and as soon as I got it home I hooked up the DB25-> female scart cable that it needs to accept RGB. I then plugged in my SNES with a RGB scart cable into that and I got this weird tearing image. Whats going on here? If I had to guess Id say its a sync issue of some sort? Do I need a sync stripper with these monitors? There was a youtube video on this model by Phonedork in which he seemed to say they werent picky about sync.

Confused, I then pulled out my genesis and hooked it up via scart->db25 connection and much of the same happened, except as you can see, the picture has a very green hue to it all of the sudden? The colors were accurate on the snes. Then lastly, I tried the genesis via a shitty composite cable into the composite terminal on the back (BNC->RCA adapter) and I got this pic of Sonic 2. Everything looks fine! (except it shitty composite of course) What gives? Does this mean its a scart cable issue? Should I be getting cables with only a certain type of sync for these monitors? DO I need a sync stripper? Or is this indicitive of some other problem entirely?

Any help is greatly appreciated.