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Thread: PICKnMIX Help & Support thread.

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    Post PICKnMIX Help & Support thread.

    I have started this thread so users can ask for help and get support when using the Universe Bios v4.0 PICKnMIX feature. Hopefully this thread will stay small as everything should work and has been well tested. But you never know.

    A special thanks to 'ack' for exstensive bug reporting and testing on multislot hardware, also 'miisalo' and 'RockstarRunner' for MVS and AES testing.

    A couple of easy to understand requests I ask forum members try and respect in this thread;

    • Before posting for help visit and see if your query is answered or listed in the known issues at the bottom of the page.

    • Look through this thread to see if your question has already been answered.

    • Please do not post in this thread unless you are either asking a question about PICKnMIX or directly posting the answer to a question asked.

    • Do not ask questions about other UniBios related things, use the Universe Bios v4.0 thread here for that.

    • Please do not post questions about what PICKnMIX is etc, please direct those kind of questions to the main Universe Bios v4.0 thread (here). This thread is a help and support thread if you are already using PICKnMIX.

    Hopefully adhering to these to simple things will keep the thread as short as possible and make it as easy as possible for members to find answers. With this in mind, here are the current known issues. Remember some issues affecting games on the 161-in-1 cannot be fixed unless a way to reprogram these carts is found.


    Issues with games on the 161-in-1 cart.

    • Aero Fighter 3 will not play correctly unless you are in the Japanese region due to corrupted game data on the cart.
    • Magical Drop II hiscore table does not display correctly due to the 161-in-1's patched in start button trigger timer location in workRAM.
    • Magical Drop III hiscore table does not display correctly due to the 161-in-1's patched in start button trigger timer location in workRAM.
    • Metal Slug 3 has NGH of 0x299 which belongs to the mslug6 hack. When in USA region the 'parental advisory warning' screen is corrupted. When set to Japanese language (softDIPs) the Japanese 'how to play' font is corrupted.
    • Garou MOTW will crash when preforming Kim's B+C top attack, this due to 161-in-1 using the prototype version of the game.

    MVS / AES issues.

    • No known issues at this time.

    MVS only issues.

    • No known issues at this time.

    AES only issues.

    • Popup gamelist disabled when current game is King of Fighters 2003 (no font).
    • When in Arcade mode some softDIPs in the Metal Slug series of games will always be forced to a set state, the level setting for example will always be 3.
    • You will only see one attract mode sequence for games that have two or more.
    • In ARCADE mode most games will not have sound in attract mode even if the games 'demo sound' softDIP has been enabled (because AES does not have backupRAM).
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