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Thread: Looking for recommendations

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    responding on the basis NO hardware platform or emulation is off limits:
    okay, 1, super stardust amiga1200/cd32.
    2, x-out amiga500/600.
    3, z-out amiga500/600.
    4, lethal excess amiga500/600.
    5, mushihimesama cvst or ps2.
    6, mars matrix hyper solid shooting cps2 or dreamcast.
    7, progear cps2.
    8, r-type final ps2.
    9, einhander psx.
    ..that'll do for now.
    10, guwange cvst.
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    Easy shooters ya ding dong.

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    I got pretty heavy into the genre once i played Mushihimesama on steam novice mode first. but i kept at original a year later and finally got a clear a when i returned to it

    But after playing Mushi i still wasnt super great. Ill tell you the game I had the biggest break through with was Batsugun / Special

    It seems especially when i talk to other people you just have to kinda play around on different games, give them a good effort and if you dont like that style move to another game.

    Eventually you will find your "break through game" and you wont be able to stop playing it for a while eventually more and more things just make sense as you play. I think switching it up after every so often really helps. You just put your hours in until your either really bored or it just seems completely hopeless "theres no way i could do that". Come back in a year to that game like me and be like WOW i gotten better.

    Idk i think it just takes a bit of practice and determination before it just makes more and more sense. Some games focus mechanics differently and if you dont know the ins and outs on some games its hard to really do well. Batsugun was just really approachable for me though.

    Edit Oh and Sorcer Striker (US) is pretty easy and really fun. As is Zero Wing (easy/normal).
    As is
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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodyXP View Post
    Raptor. It's easy and worthwhile. You should be able to find it on any Abandonware site.

    I would agree with this one. It's a relatively easy game, and there's some strategy involved. I like shooters where you buy weapons between levels. The homing cannon weapon is fun to use. It's a good strategy to sell all your other weapons (if necessary), just to buy the homing cannon. There is also a homing laser. Your ship has a health bar, so you don't die straight away if you get hit. I always play it on Elite difficulty setting. It's a PC shooter, rather than an arcade shooter. If anyone could suggest another shooter that is similar to Raptor, that would be good.

    In general, I think arcade shooters are too difficult. They are made for people who are naturally good at games where you need fast twitch reaction skills to win. Even fighting games don't need the same reflexes to be good at them.

    Some of the shooters I like:

    Terra Cresta
    Raptor: Call of the Shadows
    Zarlor Mercenary
    Alpha Mission II
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    Quote Originally Posted by joe8 View Post
    Alpha Mission II
    For this one reflexes aren't good enough, you need to become one hell of a penny pincher, too. Wearing Emperor's new clothes, so to speak, will get you killed fast in later stages. Armor costs a lot and expends as fast as weapons in Breath of the Wild.

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