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Thread: AES Newbie RGB Bypass Help

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    AES Newbie RGB Bypass Help

    Hi all, I'm a total noob so please bare with me. I'm just getting into the world of Neo Geo and I ordered an AES console from Japan. Unfortunately I don't know the serial number or which board revision it has. I placed an order for the Unibios 4.0 chip and a SCART cable and I have been reading that RGB bypass mods are recommended but I am not sure about which mod I should go with. Here are two I came across, first one is from RetroRGB:

    And this one from Otaku:

    They offer two different versions:

    - The "classic" version of the bypass is passive (without amplification, only a modification of the internal wiring and the addition of passive components)
    - Version THS7314 is an active and amplified version of the bypass based on the same named chip

    Any suggestions?
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    I've done the "classic" method following the retrorgb writeup on my AES 3-6 and it looks great.

    It brings the RGB quality to just about that of an MVS.

    I'd test your unit before trying to mod it though. Depending on personal preference and the exact model AES, the unmodified RGB quality might be fine for you.

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    I'd go for the RetroRGB mod, less expensive and really all that's necessary to clean up the RGB signal

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