I had a quick look but can't see any reports on these.

The games are the neo geo conversions using the Arcade card:

Garou Densetsu 2 - Aratanaru Tatakai
Garou Densetsu Special
Ryuuko no Ken
World Heroes 2

The above titles all have intermittent graphical glitches on sprites and backgrounds, eventually causing the game to crash and hang, or crash and reset.

Strangely, Sapphire and Strider which are both Arcade card games seemingly work without any issues (got to the last level (stage 5) on Strider) as does normal CD games.

I thought it may be poor ROM dumps, but I have tried around three different sets, some as .cue & .iso, others as .cue & .bin(s) and they all have problems.

In terms of testing, I have tried two SD cards (Sandisk & Toshiba) both in exFAT and FAT32, but still the same issue.

I'm using System Card 3.0, with held Start and Select Reset turned OFF.

How are you getting on with these titles?
I am not sure whether these are working fine for everyone else, or the community are not reporting as they don't bother playing these games because they already own the superior originals (although these are pretty decent conversions).