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Thread: Super SD System 3 replacement boards program

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    Super SD System 3 replacement boards program

    I know this is going to be an unpopular decision, but replacements will have to wait to the end of the queue (at least if there is not a different issue than the RGB one).

    I will try to explain why :

    We have a huge lot of pending orders to ship and the customers that have a first version board can play with those units while the others donīt have an unit to play with

    I know there is atleast one customer with an issue not related to RGB, this customer can contact us and get a replacement unit shipping his original unit back if he dosenīt wants to wait for USA shipping point.

    The rest of the customers are going to wait until we ship all pending orders placed until last friday 9th, have been shipped.

    We need time to:

    - Ship all pending orders
    - Finish our new website/webshop infraesdtructure.

    We will coordinate this on the new forum, basically there will be a shipping point in usa where people in the states will be able to ship theyr units with a return label printed on the same packet.
    To avoid confusions, we will make a web form to check if your board is afected and to create a pdf with the return shipping label.
    The customer will just have to put his serial number and the return address on this website, print a pdf and put both the old board and printed sheet on a bag.

    I just ask for patience, we have stock reserved for the first orders, to replace the pcbs, but we lack of time to do everything at the same time.

    Again, patience please, wait for news, its a matter of weeks, not of months.

    Let us work and stop hammering about that please
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    Will i get 0 secconds loading times if i make a cluster of the entire size of the microsd ?

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    Sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan.
    Hope it all goes well.
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    Not a problem for me at all, sounds reasonable. Besides, I'm having a blast with the original version and barely notice the RGB noise in most games, so I can perfectly wait whatever time it takes.

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    As always your most decisions were wise ! So i'm waiting until the tabel will be done to put my SSS3 serial there !
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