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Thread: NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

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    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    Tuesday, March 6th 2018

    We want to announce our new product, NEOSD PRO.

    NEOSD PRO is a two in one flash cart. Having the best of two worlds, FLASH and RAM based cart.

    Both NEOSD PRO and NEOSD are Neo Geo cartridge emulators, simulating all different chips present on Neo Geo cartridges, without patching original ROM data.
    This makes NEOSD PRO (and NEOSD), to pass UNIBIOS CRC checks.

    NEOSD PRO as regular NEOSD is 100% compatible with UNIBIOS and glitch free.

    NEOSD PRO has 5x times the memory regular NEOSD has, for a total of 3.840 MBITS. So it can hold the 5 biggest Neo Geo Games at the same time.

    The memory is composed by 5 independent slots :

    - 4 slots of 768 MBITS (each) FLASH memory for instant-on games, summing a total of 3.072 MBITS :

    Can hold 4 non-volatile, always ready, instant-on games, with enough space to hold 4 of the largest released games. Those 4 slots are persistent after the board is powered off, such as regular NEOSD and are intended to store your 4 favorite games always ready to play.

    - 1 slot of 768 MBITS SRAM :

    It has very fast loading times, but it's volatile, and its contents are lost when powering off the console. Same size than any of the 4 flash slots, so it can hold the largest released game. Useful to quickly play different games.

    NEOSD PRO offers all the functions regular NEOSD does :

    Region Change
    Arcade/Console Mode change
    Soft Dips
    . and much more !

    Plus those new features :

    Straight boot to any of the 4 flash slots by holding A,B,C or D while powering on the console.

    In-Game menu to change slots. Also planned is support for the slot change buttons on MVS and attract mode cycling, like a real multislot!

    USB port to download games to RAM from a PC, and read/write console memory, useful for game developers.

    Cheats support from the in-game menu (will be available to regular NEOSD aswel by firmware update)

    NEOSD PRO contains 99% the same FPGA code than regular NEOSD, so the high compatibility we achieved remains, having a strong glitch free code. The hardware design is totally different, moving from 2 layers pcb design of actual NEOSD to 6 layers pcb design on NEOSD PRO.
    The new 6 layers pcb reduces the programming noise that can be heard with plain NeoSD in some MVS board.

    NEOSD PRO Menu has no load times, its instant. So there is no need to wait for the menu to load with power on.

    In order to change from one slot to another one, there is a new in game menu that also lets the user to reboot the board doing hard or soft resets, enable cheats or enter NEOSD PRO MENU.

    On RAM, the same biggest game (The King Of Fighters 2003) takes just 52 seconds to flash, while some other games just take a few seconds to be written.

    Those are some flashing times on RAM for reference :

    aero fighters 2 - 8 seconds
    windjammers - 6 seconds
    metal slug - 15 seconds
    art of fighting 3 - 21 seconds
    breakers - 15 seconds
    metal slug 2 - 25 seconds
    samurai shodown 5 special - 51 seconds
    shock troopers 2 - 26 seconds
    strikers 1945 plus - 48 seconds

    NEOSD PRO and regular NEOSD will be sold at the same time, those are different products that will have different prices. NEOSD PRO will be sold at higher Price than actual NEOSD.

    We will open pre orders on the following weeks (and will announce the prices), once we have shipped Super SD System 3 pending orders that we should start shipping at the end of this week. Priority as today is to ship every Super SD System 3 pending order, before anything else

    NEOSD PRO AES has finished the testing stage and entered production. It will be delivered with a new designed Shell, done by the same Factory and with the same quality as Super SD System 3 shell. It will come in a nice packaging such as Super SD System 3, including manual and box.

    NEOSD PRO MVS will enter production as soon as NEOSD PRO AES production completes. It will come with the same new universal shell NEOSD PRO AES comes with.

    Review units for NEOSD PRO AES have been sent weeks ago and product reviews are expected to be shown next week.


    NEOSD PRO AES Video :

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    Will i get 0 secconds loading times if i make a cluster of the entire size of the microsd ?

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    Will i get 0 secconds loading times if i make a cluster of the entire size of the microsd ?

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    Shots fired!!!

    As always an astonishing product!!

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    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet =D
    My YouTube channel contains some MVS repairs and stuff:-

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    Hiya folks

    I have had a pre-production NEOSD Pro for a couple weeks now.

    Overall it's been super solid with quick flash times and no weird menu issues.

    And since it's built off the foundation of the NEOSD, as Alex mentioned, users
    will have a super solid gaming experience.

    Video on it next week.

    Couple pics:

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    OH Snap! the Nail in the coffin for the imitators. I switch games a lot on my NeoSd, I will be picking this up for sure.

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    Awesome, as always.

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    Wow! This came out of nowhere!

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    I love my NeoSD and the Pro looks just sick. I'll be interested to see what the price will be. Awesome work!

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    Can't wait to pick it up.

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    Fantastic! I can't wait to pick this up... I've spent way too much on carts this year and it is only March, lol. Great work!

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