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Thread: PICKnMIX button configuration Poll.

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    PICKnMIX button configuration Poll.

    What button configuration makes more sense when cycling up and down through games?

    The thinking on option 1 is given 'A' is the primary button it should advance game (A=advance). 'B' is for previous game (B = Back).

    The thinking behind option 2 is it makes the buttons act like turning the pages of a book. So 'A' = back (previous page), 'B' = forward (next page).

    Which do you prefer for cycling up and down through games given a preferance?
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    Both me and rockstarrunner have used it daily and both think the A = previous B = next is better. Although I would prefer that it has to be always chosen from the menu pressing the A button and then with joystick or using c & d buttons as the A button results often to accidental change of the games.
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    I went with A for next game and B for back

    Just seems natural to me but I can see why the other way would work just as well
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    Ok, so I'm finally clear to say I've been testing V4 for a while, and A for Back, B for Next is what I instinctively expect. If you look at general UI design in every day life, left control is previous, right control is next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockstarRunner View Post
    Ok, so I'm finally clear to say I've been testing V4 for a while, and A for Back, B for Next is what I instinctively expect. If you look at general UI design in every day life, left control is previous, right control is next.
    This. left for previous (A), right for next (B).

    Well explained sir.

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    A for Advance, B for Back. For us mnemonic learners.
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    A for forward and B for Back. Primarily, we would be moving forward and having A as the forward seems to make more sense.

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