Hey All, wanted to introduce myself.

I've been gaming since I was little (my progression: Atari 2600, Genesis, NES, TG16, Lynx, Sega CD, Gameboy, Virtual Boy, Playstation, Xbox, PS3, PS4, and now on to all kinds of things). Now that I'm older with kids I'm getting back into some retro gaming and collecting.

I've collected SNK game ports for years, but never had a Neo Geo until the Neo Geo X fire sale a few years ago. I know that probably doesn't count, but it seemed like a great way to get licensed games I hadn't played along with a nice AES style controller.

I collect for various systems. My Licensed NA Licensed Sega CD collection is almost complete including consoles. I have primarily been collecting SNK "licenses" any way I can find them (various SNK collection titles on consoles, PC ports, MVS carts, etc.). When we can make room, I'd like to get a Big Red and a RAM cart to dump the various ROMs I "own" onto, but that's a ways off in the future.

Samurai Shodown in the arcade was the game that got me hooked in SNK in the 90s. I had never even seen Metal Slug until late '99, and then it was running on MAME on someones laptop. Those are probably my two favorite franchises.

That's about it. I've been lurking for a bit, and probably won't post a ton, but will follow a topic here or there.