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Thread: Hello from Kauai Hawaii

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    Hello from Kauai Hawaii

    Hello signed up awhile ago or tried couldnt get approved. But i guess i got approved.
    Recently been retro gaming on my raspberry pie 3 with my hori stick . i took the dive and got 4 mvs carts. Soon im going to get a mvs consolized.

    Hobbies are retro gaming and playing on my ps4. I love fornite save the world mode. Have over 100 sega genesis hames in case with manual.
    Iv always wanted a neogeo as iv been going to arcades for over 30 years. Playong king of the monsters world heroes fatal fury metal slug and sengoku was always were you would find me in an arcade. Reno tahoe golfland santa cruz board walk among other places
    Atm i am currently employed as a projectionest.

    EDIT apparently made one of these a long time ago

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    I visited Kauai a few years ago, fun island. I stayed at the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort. I think I recalled seeing an Arcade there but didn't get a chance to play anything.
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    What Genesis games do you typically play? I don't actively collect for the system unless I have some other interest in the game (say, console exclusive), but I do collect Sega CD, so several titles overlap.

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