Hi, everyone--

I've got a noob tech question: got a windy supergun measuring 5.00v at the jamma connector with a+b cps2 boards hooked up, but measuring 13.05 on the +12v. I can dial down the pot on the power supply to reduce the 12v, but it also reduces 5v. There doesn't appear to be a way to independently lower the +12v. The gun uses a mean well power supply, but I can't tell what model.

I've got no major video/audio issues at this setting, but it seems like this is something that could potentially damage components long-term. Is it okay to have the +12v this high? Should I shoot for a compromise tuning the +5v/+12v, like 4.8 and 12.5 or something like that? Or is it better have 5 as close as possible and allow 12v to be off?