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Thread: Any issues running a high +12v in the long run?

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    Any issues running a high +12v in the long run?

    Hi, everyone--

    I've got a noob tech question: got a windy supergun measuring 5.00v at the jamma connector with a+b cps2 boards hooked up, but measuring 13.05 on the +12v. I can dial down the pot on the power supply to reduce the 12v, but it also reduces 5v. There doesn't appear to be a way to independently lower the +12v. The gun uses a mean well power supply, but I can't tell what model.

    I've got no major video/audio issues at this setting, but it seems like this is something that could potentially damage components long-term. Is it okay to have the +12v this high? Should I shoot for a compromise tuning the +5v/+12v, like 4.8 and 12.5 or something like that? Or is it better have 5 as close as possible and allow 12v to be off?


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    Thats not actually a noob question, its legit The 12V rail is always (almost always?) used to power the audio amp stage for PCBs. The logic ICs run off 5V so thats the most important. Most all the power amps are originally designed for 12V in cars, which can actually go up to 14.7V with the alternator. The caps are usually rated 16V +- 20%. So you should be A-OK. Pretty damn unlikely it would ever damage anything.


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